Meat and cheese trays-special order.

  • Potato salad  

  • Crab salad

  • Pasta Salad.  


Deli meat-Roast beef, smoked turkey, Cajun style turkey, dried beef, pickle loaf, ham, speciality loaf, summer sausage, hard salami


Deli cheese- American cheese, Colby/Jack, Swiss.


Spicy cheese-

Habanero/jalapeno cheese hot* Super hot cheese ,  Pepper jack -mild


Rubs, Marinades and seasonings- Daddy Hinkle's- original and southwest.

Snyder's Prime Rib Seasoning, Famous Dave's, Squeal rub


BBQ Sauce- American Stockyard BBQ, Harvest apple, Smokey sweet, KC Style, Famous Dave's.

Seasoned Flour-great for using in soups, gravy, batter for shrimp, or use for coating any of your fried foods.


Papio Products-

Jalapeño jam- Raspberry, cherry, strawberry, blackberry and hot pepper.

Jams- Blackberry, Cherry, Raspberry Strawberry-Rhubarb, Seedless Red Raspberry, Peach and Elderberry Jelly


Black Bean and Corn Salsa


Jalapeno mustard. Onion Relish. Jalapeño-Onion Relish.

Sweet Baby Beets

Pumpkin Butter.

Apple butter.



Beer bread- Classic, Paddy's Pub, Cheesy Roasted garlic and Cheesy jalapeno.

Dip Mixes- This little piggy love's garlic, Spinach, toasted garlic, Blooming onion.

Carmel apple, Fall harvest (Seasonal)

Microwave fudge- Original, Chocolate cherry pecan mash, Peanut butter fudge.